Thursday, March 1, 2007

Focus, Focus, Focus....

I'm sitting here at the end of my work day and I am taken by the fact that I didn't do much but think about and research my next endeavor, I wasn't able to focus on anything else...Sad isn't it, to be someplace where you know you won't be for long....It has a bitter sweet taste to it. The eminent pressure of not wasting anytime so that I am not here much longer is contrasted by my need to fulfill my obligations and help those that are sitting right in front of me while remincing of all I have learned from them.

Am I being selfish in wanting to break free from what is expected of me?

How does one best serve society? Do we "do what we have to do" all the time or is there such a thing as "time for me"? The line is blurred and one must take certain risks when acting on that which one feels is "their part in the grand play".

So as I move forward in search of "what is me" I only know one thing for certain.......Love is all you is all you need (come on you know the words) Love is all you need...... Seriously, letting yourself love is the greatest of all things but first you have to figure out where to start? That much I have accomplished; loving my children and finding the one person who loves me with all my faults and who I am learning to let go and love more and more everyday.

Now I'll focus on starting something new.

I need to focus.

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R.Delgado said...

Very interesting, I look forward to reading more.