Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Who needs coffee when you get to wake up to this?

I am because they are;
beautiful, intelligent, funny, loving, caring, smiling, thumbsucking, dancing, joking, fussing,
take all the hot water while bathing, sweets eating,
little stars!
Dreaming of them while they're away (even just for the day) has inspired me; life happens but it doesn't happen for you. So I'm kicking it up, the dreams that have sat on the shelf for so long are being put into action.
My passions!? Photography, entertaining, hosting a great party, watching children with their mothers as I think of mine, visual arts, writing, spanish poetry, people being happy people.
What better way to live than to wake up in the morning and skip work; instead do something you love so it never feels like work again.
During the course of this week I have found so many subjects inspiring.......
So many words in need of paper, images left to the imagination.
I'm pregnant with ideas and this baby is over due!!