Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Babies....sigh....they grow way too fast!

My babies

My auntie's baby's baby... ;)

My friend's baby

My new baby niece

As my things-to-do list decoratively says, "enjoy the little things in life!" I realize it's because they "grow" way too fast.

Time goes by so slowly for some things and yet too quickly in those instances we want to hold on to most. I see my baby niece and I recall the days when I used to nuzzle my babies' necks and smell their little breathes. I scramble through my mind in hopes of stumbling upon one vivid image to hold on to forever because I remember having told myself "you will never forget this moment" and now it seems that I have. It saddens me to think that I didn't enjoy them as much as I could have but then I realize that the reason I get frustrated with the loss of memories is because we had so many; I just hate that I can't pin point one exact moment. The days I spent with my girls at home (I was a stay-at-home mommy for 4, almost 5 years) are tresured stories that I hope to one day dream of again.

My dear auntie quoted someone not too long ago and said "My biggest discovery is that my children bring the greatest joy to me. Nothing comes close." (well my hubby of course but he's a big baby so it fits:)

For a sneak peak of little Abby's (my new baby niece) first professional photshoot go to:
(not sure why its not linking so cut and paste will have to do for this one....sorry.)

For my Tia!

I had such a good time putting this together that I fear something may have been lost in translation. If not, then well, not sure what to say in order to keep it PG..... so I hope you get it. ;)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Deep thoughts by me:

I think I love to blog....
Blogging is like scrapbooking and journaling all at once but online where people might actually read it and that's kinda cool! I love to blog, sometimes.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Mondays are such a drag......

As I sit at my computer waiting for my students to take yet another mandatory state exam (poor things, its only their 4th day of school!) I can't help but hum along to bon jovi....(I just L-O-V-E him)

"sitting here wasted and wounded at this old piano (errrr keyboard).....trying hard to capture the moment this morning I don't know.....cause a bottle of vodka (errr, cup of coffee) is still lodged in my head (bladder) and some blonde gave me nightmares (if he's talking about a fake blonde then I can totally relate! LMAO)
I think she's still in my bed (Shoo, I wish I was in my bed right now so there better not be any blonde there!) as I dream about movies they won't make of me when I'm dead (what if I make my own movie and then hide it so when I do kick the bucket it would be discovered and then I would be famous but won't have to take the heat? Things that make you go hmmmm)....

ok, that's enough for now...the song is truly beautiful but I was only really thinking about the first line and I got a little carried away with the rest... hehehe

Tried all day to find the video to clip on but appartently I would be infringing on someone's rights so youtube it! :)