Monday, August 25, 2008

Mondays are such a drag......

As I sit at my computer waiting for my students to take yet another mandatory state exam (poor things, its only their 4th day of school!) I can't help but hum along to bon jovi....(I just L-O-V-E him)

"sitting here wasted and wounded at this old piano (errrr keyboard).....trying hard to capture the moment this morning I don't know.....cause a bottle of vodka (errr, cup of coffee) is still lodged in my head (bladder) and some blonde gave me nightmares (if he's talking about a fake blonde then I can totally relate! LMAO)
I think she's still in my bed (Shoo, I wish I was in my bed right now so there better not be any blonde there!) as I dream about movies they won't make of me when I'm dead (what if I make my own movie and then hide it so when I do kick the bucket it would be discovered and then I would be famous but won't have to take the heat? Things that make you go hmmmm)....

ok, that's enough for now...the song is truly beautiful but I was only really thinking about the first line and I got a little carried away with the rest... hehehe

Tried all day to find the video to clip on but appartently I would be infringing on someone's rights so youtube it! :)

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