Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I AM happy

I came across something I wrote almost 7yrs ago during a very difficult part of my life...Divorce. It was something I read almost daily and tried to engrave in my mind. Hope it helps anyone out there trapped in the complicated web that is co-parenting.

Divorce Mantra
I promise to myself today (for the sake of my sanity and for my precious children)........
I will NOT argue with anyone in front of anyone else.
I will NOT scream!
I will NOT cry.
I will NOT insult.
I will NOT respond.
When I pick up the phone I will smile first.
I won't take the blame for things I can not control.
I will NOT try to control anything or anyone other than myself.
I will NOT dispense advice.
I will NOT hold hate in my heart.
I will NOT listen to songs that make me sad.
I WILL dance!
I will NOT allow myself to loose control in front of my children.
I will only depend on myself to make me happy.
I will NOT do things or say things to make others unhappy.
I will protect only myself and my children.
I will BE HAPPY.

It's not meant to be poetic but personal. It reminded me of the challenges I would or could face daily and helped me stay balanced. So with that said, I challenge you to write your mantra today.

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