Thursday, September 11, 2008

Chubby girls need acting jobs too!

I want to see a weight-loss-program commercial that shows real woman with a "slight" problem, like a little chub hanging out of their jeans or a little butt crack showing when she bends over. Not some skinny girl wearing a flowy shirt which makes her look fatter than she really is....Chubby girls need acting jobs too, besides, if I walked into a weight loss meeting and the girls look like the ones on TV I'd beeline right out of there! :)

I looked all over the web for a picture of a chubby woman to clip on here but all I found were big women which simply proves my point. I feel compelled to post a picture of myself here but given that I'm not getting paid for it I rather not! LOL

Are there any beautiful yet slightly filled-in women out there?! Where are your pictures?!? Probably where mine are, tucked away in some drawer in the hopes that when they're found again I either think, "man I can't believe I've been able to lose so much weight" or "wow! I was that skinny back then" which has happened to me more times then I'd like to admit. But when you're a sucker for Cuban bread it happens.


margrrrl said...

three cheers for chubby!
hips, hips, hooray!
hips, hips, hooray!

you may have missed the dove 'real women' commercials.... they had a 'real woman' campaign but found that it wasn't working. product sales dipped so they went back to anorexic blondes....
so much for chubs

Life Is Wilson said...

check it out s till in the makings

Giggles and Laughter said...

I have a picture is you want it! email me if you do!